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Oven cleaner

Oven cleaner
Product name : Oven cleaner
Item : HP05-001
Price : negotiable
Details :


Contains plant active ingredients
Cleans off various kinds of dirt easily
Double strength formula
Welcome OEM&ODM

More information:
1.Double strength formula based on new German technology.
2.Used in kitchenware.
3.OEM orders are welcome.

5.A highly effective grease-cutting and germ-killing detergent with a double strength formula based on new German technology.

6.Use it in your kitchen to clean the smoke extractor, sink, ceramic tiles, glass and other kitchenware.

7.German advanced technology and formula

8.OEM orders are welcome.


1.Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contacting with eyes. If product contacts eyes,

 please rinse with water thoroughly and call the doctor.

2.Valid time: 3 years

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