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Nail oil

Nail oil
Product name : Nail oil
Item : MU11-002
Price : negotiable
Details :

 Magnet Nail Polish

60colors as above color chart are available!  High Quality!!!

Size: 12ml/bottle

2pcs with 2 design magnetic slice are as gift for each lot.

There are two designs magnetic slice, one is diagonal line, another is horizontal line.

We suggest buyer resale the items one polish use with one design tips together 

For more magnetic slice, please click below

How to use this kind of nail polish:


Step 1:
First use sponge buffer to polishing your nail,and then clean the dirt by nail cleaner.

Step 2:
Apply bonder gel,under the UV lamp for   2minutes.

Step 3:
After the gel dry, brush magnetic nail polish   on the nail,the more nail polish you put
the effect will be much better.

Step 4:
At the moment,put the magnetic slice above the   nail about 10seconds.(Please do this
 movement right away after you apply the nail polish) After you will see the magnetic
picture be show on your nail,then under the UV lamp for 2minutes.

Step 5:
Apply the soak off top coat,then under the UV lamp for 2minutes.

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