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Fundation cream

Fundation cream
Product name : Fundation cream
Item : MU06-002
Price : negotiable
Details :

Foundation Cream

 1.Delicate and make up naturally and easily

 2.Contains herbal moist essence and nourish the skin

 3.W/S emulsification system make face avoid from sweat and sebum, gain the clean makeup for long time

It is time-saving and multi-effect-in-one:Natural, transparent separation and modification,

make your face seemed to be done by soft filter and without any flaw! it is not only whiten, moisture and smooth skin, protect skin from harms of ultraviolet rays, air pollution and other harms form outside environment.Even sensitive or vulnerability skin can use it.It helps you to realize skin care and make up at the same time. It can be used as make-up base, or used as foundation  directly.You  can fix your make-up anytime without any boring steps of make-up any longer.


Particularly suitable for:

1.Dull, dark skin and people who face computer long time.

2.Due to inner and outside environment which result to skin problems, such as acne ,dull complexion, flaws, scars and so on.

3.People who are allergy-sensitive or have rough, uneven skin and want  to own a natural, transparent, white and bright make-up.



The minor areas can not be ignored , such as small parts around eyes and nose, so that we can get a perfect skin.

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