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BB Cream

BB Cream
Product name : BB Cream
Item : MU01-006
Price : negotiable
Details :

Waterproof BB Cream

 BB Cream Features

BB Cream not only suitable for sensitive skin, supernatural care products, to the skin fresh, calm. Given to the natural defects of the skin effect Zhexia

Isolation and can also replace the foundation, make-up procedure to remove the previous complex, so your makeup in one step.

Capacity: 130G

Ingredients: Deionized water,dibenzoylmethane,cinnamate,red pepper extract,flavor


1. Integrated multi-action of moisturizing, hydration, flaw cover-up, makeup base, foundation and care.

2. Perfectly corrects pores & skin flaws and brightens & evens complexion.

3. With refreshing and smooth texture, it builds the moist and natural makeup.


It makes a breakthrough in the conventional foundation cream, offers light & smooth emulsion texture and is integrated with moisturizing, hydration, flaw cover-up, makeup base, foundation and care. After application, it continues to nourish skin, brightens & evens complexion, perfectly corrects pores and gives pure, flawless, moist & natural makeup.


After the completion of skin care procedures, apply proper amount of the product to the face evenly and gently press with finger pulp to make it closer to the skin. Increase the amount properly for the flawed positions.

Apply skin:All skin

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